Those dirty looking, hazy headlights can be cleaned and restored
without replacement, saving you hundreds of $$$

headlight lens repair, restoration, and hazy dirty headlight repair

The truth is, most plastic headlights are manufactured with polycarbonate plastic due to its impressive tensile strength. But it’s porous or breathing material causes manufacturers to apply a protective film to the lens that unfortunately deteriorates over time and from climate conditions, and in turn is in need of restoration. Our skilled technicians  can convert your oxidized, hazy, or clouded lights back to their original “like new” form while improving your vision and the safety of you and your family.

When your headlights are cloudy, hazy, and dirty looking, they do not have to replaced. Our professionals can  remove the oxidized layer of plastic so they will look new again. But safety is the most important reason to have your headlights cleaned and restored. Those dirty looking headlight lens can reduce visability when driving at night by as much as 50%. You and your family are at risk unless your headlights are clean and operating at 100%.

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